Unleashing the Power of Non-Verbal Voice Journaling

Voice journaling, typically known for capturing spoken words and thoughts, also encompasses a less explored yet equally potent form: non-verbal voice journaling. This practice involves using sounds and vocal expressions like humming, singing, and sound collages to express emotions and experiences. This article delves into various non-verbal techniques to add depth and expression to your voice journaling.

The Essence of Non-Verbal Voice Journaling:

Non-verbal voice journaling transcends traditional language barriers, tapping into the raw emotions and feelings that words sometimes cannot capture. It includes a range of sounds and vocal expressions that convey mood, emotion, and atmosphere.


  • Humming: A simple yet powerful tool, humming can be used to express mood and emotion.
  • Singing: Whether structured songs or freeform melodies, singing adds a musical layer to your journal.
  • Sound Collages: This involves creating a montage of different sounds and vocal elements, which can be pieced together to form an auditory tapestry of your experiences.


This type of journaling offers unique benefits, including emotional release, enhanced creativity, and a deeper connection with one’s inner self. It can be particularly therapeutic for those who find it challenging to articulate feelings through words.

Getting Started:

To begin, find a comfortable and private space. You may use a simple voice recorder or a more advanced setup with microphones and audio editing software for creating sound collages. Let your emotions guide your vocal expressions without the pressure of structured language.

Tips for Practice:

  • Start with short sessions and gradually increase the duration.
  • Experiment with different sounds and observe how they reflect your feelings.
  • Regularly listen back to your recordings to understand and appreciate your non-verbal expressions.

An Expressive Form of Self Reflection:

Non-verbal voice journaling is a dynamic and expressive form of self-reflection and emotional exploration. By incorporating humming, singing, and sound collages, you can add depth and a new dimension to your voice journaling practice, going beyond words to truly capture the essence of your experiences

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